As reality crashes down aroound their ears,so the degree of their insanity grows exponentially.There is now rampant speculation in the media,that Frau Merkel’s Reichsregierung in Berlin is being actively urged to support the implementation of a EU/4th Reich body which will have power to exercise supra-national oversight of the budgets of individual member states. Clearly the patients are experiencing a high degree of distress and mental disorder occasioned by their maniacal belief that somehow,”they” can save the world and or the capitalist order or some such intrinsically delusional,ie. non-real concept. Arch-capitalist and ruthless exploiter of humans,George Soros,whom the Usurer/Capitalist elites have accorded some quasi-prophet staus to,recently foresaw the imminent destruction of the EU. Excellent news for the 99% of mankind who aren’t members of the historic detritus soon to be shovelled onto the dungheap of history.


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