Simon Heffer of “The Spectator” is unquestionably a Tory and a Patriot.Of all the many and varying commentators/journalists who I get around to reading and occasionally taking somewhat more than a little notice of,Heffer is for me second only to Peter Hitchens. Heffer is acutely perceptive when it comes to dissecting Cameron’s flimsy ideology and that former Carlton TV P.R.spiv’s immensely massive capability for doing nothing until there is nothing left to do. In itself Heffer’s critique is reassuring, given the stupefyingly dumb acceptance of and conformity to the prevailing Tripartite Parliamentiary consensus on continuing the nation’s abasement to EU diktat by virtually every other member of the Commentariat (Hitchens and a few others not withstanding). Circumstances determine consciousness and realpolitik determies policy.The german people,Das Volk have absolutely no cause let alone populist inclination to,in effect,hand over their monetised national wealth to any other nation or nations’ governing elites.The german political class appears hellbent ,in a let’s re-run Operation Barbarossa kind of way,to be convinced that doing precisely that which their elctorate does not want them to do is the way ahead. Heffer succinctly apprehends this manifest socio/economic/political contradiction during his scholarly castigation of Cameron’s unbelievably jejeune and inappropriate harangue of the Berlin Reichsregierung whilst on a visit there the other week. Truth be,not so much, told,as merely repeated,recapitulated ad nauseam ; had the banking calamity of 2007 been allowed to run its natural,free-market course the World would now be in Year 5 of generalised economic recovery with all the impedimenta and detritus of Cosmoplitan-Usurers long since tosed onto the bonfire of their own vanities.


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