Elections,or rather the anticipated results of them ,are the current media headline vogue among the Usurer/Capitalist elites.Their hirelings in the Commentariat/Secular priesthood comment,observe,speculate and pseudo-intellectually analyse these “elections” as if they had some real meaning beyond the carefully choreographed mise-en-scene which they provide for the whole raft of decaying,degenerating and dysfunctional bourgeois societies. France and Greece caught the post-electoral analyses fever cutting its swathe through the bankers and politicians across Disneyland,europe.The Greek electorate behaved,( so the corporate-cpsmopolitan assert),according to the wishes of those interests advocating their own brand of non-sensical fiscal rectitude by seemingly approving the program of Greek poltical parties committed to treason. Betraying one’s own Nation and Class is good;being a patriot and defending one’s own objective Class interests is bad. the whole Eurozone Crisis and all its ramifications has been reduced to a tale being told by idiots,full of sound and fury and signifying nothing.


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