Immigration on the scale Britain,for instance has experienced serves only the purposes of Capitalism.Those who espouse the liberal/multiculturalist ideology and promote its superficial agenda do so in the service of Capitalism. Emotional sentimental drivel has sugar coated the cyanide capsule nations such as Briatin have been induced to swallow. A single immigrant may wish to pretend and adopt an objectively false consciousness as to why they alone are agents of their own destiny.Multiply that single false-consciousness a million times and you have forces developing on a historic scale.One person alone is not solely responsible for what becomes a stampede nor the consequences of that stampede. No-one chooses to be born no-one , and in that sense no-one “chooses” from some sort of spurious free-will seperate from the actual material conditions of social existence to become an immigrant. Circumstances determine consciousness and the overarching “circumstances” are those of ideology-driven global monopoly capitalism as directed by human agents who constitute the Usurer/Capitalist elites.


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