Once upon a time ,a very,very, long time ago the much-venerated and publicly lauded ( even though I say so myself with all due modesty..) Black Horse Poets and The Cathedral Poets of Wakefield submitted a bid to the Arts Council. Naturally enough ACE ( as t’arts council re-styled itself subsequently) did not award any funds to that particular Poets-based bid back in 2004/05. So, what else is new I hear you cavil ? Nothing really,it was the stereotypical kind of bid ,made to in effect finance a city-wide Literary arts Festival honouring the great,and locally greatly forgotten, George Gissing.there was also to be a year long series of poetry workshops for local schools and a gala evening to round the festival off with. The Bishop of Wakefield , the then Member of Parliament for Wakefield, the then executive director of what was the council’s Education department, their counterpart at the Diocesian Board of Education all endorsed by way of personal correspondence attached to the bid documemtation,the bid itself. Blimey,that’s a bucketload of endorsements and no mistake. Heck ,we even did thorough costings and met the ACE criteria for 20% of the funding to come from private sources. Outcome , nada as they say in spanish.Well,not quite,we did utilise the private funding ,£2000 , to produce four quarterly poetry magazines for the LEA and Diocesian schools. That’s the paradox of taking part in pioneering, ground-breaking work.You end up a bit like the very first colonists ,like at Jamestown ,for example,although we didn’t get attacked by the indigenous populace. This tale does have a sting in it ( not innit ) there’s going to be a eensy weensy Lit.Fest in Wakefield around September time this year. i wonder how they got the money ? Maybe through a lack of vision ?


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