For all their romanticised attachment to and continual proclamations of “freedom of thought” and “freedom of speech” ,the degenerate remnants of what once was “Western Civilisation” are doing a bloody poor job at promoting let alone sustaining what once,however briefly,were their greatest intellectual and philosophical attainments. Corporate Media coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games,for example , has set in train a veritable tsunami of fairweather patriotism.The casual,almost universal adornment of the Nation’s flag on virtually everything that moves or breathes,is for some ( and the Elite’s Commentariat are keen on promoting the accepted reading of this particular narrative)an expression of Patriotism.There is supposed to be a generalised ,”feel good factor “abroad in the nation.The plain reality however is that MiniSport ,(which actually promotes sloth,non-participation and obesity in the populace),is cheer-leading the greatest mass exercise in consumerist self-delusion imaginable.This is a Cargo Cult in situ. The actual social and economic conditions of the masses has been utterly trivialised ,pauperised and ideologically reconfigured as the outworkings of some vaingloriously noble endeavour of sacrifice on their own part in order to make society better or fairer or some other fatuous platitude. To paraphrase Orwell’s protagonist O’Brien in “1984”; ” Imagine the future, a boot stamping on a human forever” .That future is here already.


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