About 3 weeks ago I raised the issue of a Job Centre advertised job vacancy where ,it emerged only those with less than 12 months unemployment were eligible. I challenged both Qommunicate based in Stoke and working on behalf of Transline Resources based in Halifax to confirm by email what had only been a verbal explanation of this discriminatory policy by Qommunicate staff. Both agencies ignored my requests. The exact same job vacancy has now been re-advertised job Centre reference CAV/58770. And once again it took a number of attempts to finally get through to the Stoke office on 01782 366232 this morning. I was asked the exact same questions as on the previous occasion.Again they asked me “how old does that make you” after they asked for my date of birth.They again asked how long I ‘ve been out of work.This time they did not interrupt me as previously to tell me that only those unemployed for 12 months or less would be considered for interviews. What remains unresolved is why did a member of Qommunicate staff give an undertaking to confirm by email what they said was Transline resources policy;and why then neither Transline nor Qommunicate responded to my request for clarification. Given the level and intensity of public villification and persecution the long term jobless are daily subjected to,it would be the least agenices could do.
( the above was emailed to the Iain Duncan-Smith,Secretary of State at the Department of Work & Pensions with copies to Mary Creagh M.P.;the editorial at Wakefield Express newespaper and BBC radio Leeds )


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