On 11th.September, Muslims celebrated the 11th.anniversary of their most prestigious act ofJihadi martyrdom. A murderous onslaught aginst the U.S. Consulate in sectarian,strife torn Benghazi resulted in the killings of the U.S. ambassador and three of is staff. Soon-to-be President no more Obama affected the most unconvincing impression of outraged concern not seen for long time by any serving head of State in the West. Having fomented ,armed and then militarily assisted the co-ordinated overthrow of the Gaddafi regime ,the West and in this moment in particular,the US are reaping the whirlwind of their imperialist hubris. The continuing fracturing of post-saddam Iraq;NATO’s catastrophic failings in Afghanistan and the road to Armageddon being persued in Syria are a veritable catalogue marking out the approaching historic sunset of the West.Let’s hope they complete their journey.


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