The ” Establishment ” here in formerly “great” britain ,has spent the last 23 years  covering up their own collective culpability ,negligence,malfeasance and outright criminal behaviour in respect of what is popularly referred to as The Hillsborough Tragedy.  Sworn officers of the Law covertly re-wrote their affidavit accounts of events. Judges and Coroners alike at various points throughout the last 23 years failed and were negligent in their duties with regard to investigating and pursuing the substantial body of evidence which many of them knew to exist at the time and knew was being witheld from lawful scrutiny and investigation.  Two successive governments chose not to overturn the various rocks to see what had crawled underneath to hide from the daylight of transparency and rigourous democratic accountability.  The report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel wholly exonerated the very people who had been made sacrificial scapegoats and sole bearers of the responsibility for the tragedy that cost them their 96 lives.  Government ministers , the Judiciary ,the Police ,aided and abetted by an anti-working class and anti-Merseyside media colluded to pervert the course of justice,offer up false testimony in front of the Crown and then have the jaw-dropping effrontery to variously “apologise” profusely and sincerely ( irony noted ) ,to all and sundry for having been actively involved in the most widespread peacetime criminal conspiracy in British history. Then again , hypocrisy ,mendacity and the utter and complete lack of kindred human spirit has ever been the indelible,prerequisite quality of the British Establishment; politicians, judiciary and law enforcement ,media and sporting and cultural officialdom inter alia.


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