The tumbrils are clattering their way to the Guillotines , and have been since 2008.  We are now in the fourth full year of global economic destabilisation , a disparate series of dysfunctional economic phenomena popularly characterised as, amongst other things , the worst economic crisis of the last 100 years.  That by itself is impressive ,very impressive. That’s why the ephemeral,oft cited 1% ,want and are striving toward and seeking to bring about the 99%’s consent ,willing or otherwise ,to pay for the crisis which they ,the 1% ,in effect engineered and are now managing the consequences of. A Bank of England director has been cited in the Corporate media ,pointing the proverbial finger at Banks that are starving small and medium sized businesses of the loans  required to kick-start the economy and so set in train the process whereby we begin to get out of the very recession the banks themselves caused. Whose crisis is it anyway ? Ownership of it is the sole exclusive preserve of the Global Capitalist Ruling Elites. The pain and suffering ,both material ,economic and psychological being experienced as a result of the 1%’s wantonly criminal activity is the sole and exclusive preserve of the 99%. Circumstances determine consciousness. How sufficient and significant numbers amongst the 99% react and respond is the crucial determinant of the future outcome. Passivity and general acceptance of the “inevitable” or “unavoidable”,or even more sado-masochistically, “necessary” suffering being meted out by the Usurer/Capitalist system will only ensure the victory of the Corporate ruling elites. The present Historic sea-change we are undergoing,is no different in its fundamental causes and structural contradictions and social paradoxes than all the other preceding  similar historic economic upheavals. The price of victory is set at the exact same cost as the price of defeat.The liberation of Mankind from the shackles of Global Usurer/Capitalist bondage is indeed worthwhile.  Diogenes, the founder of the school of Stoic philosophy observed this universal truth ,  ” Nothing worthwhile can be achieved without pain and sacrifice “. Either the 1% suffers or the 99% suffers. Our choice.


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