The news at Tuesday lunchtime from Conservative Peer Lord Jenkin ,with regard to the likely and forseeable impact of and reaction to Council tax benefit changes due next April, should set the alarm bells ringing. Lord Jenkin now fulsomely regrets having been the Thatcher government’s hatchet-man in coming up with the universally,subsequently acknowledged catastrophe of the Poll Tax,a.k.a. Community Charge. Unless human nature happens to undergo a highly improbable and unlikely paradigm shift within the next 6 months,it is very probable that there will be widespread civil unrest on the streets of the just-about still United Kingdom by Easter 2013. Wakefield without question is going to see a steady if uneven escalation of civil protest and popular democratic dissension much in keeping with the more progressive and politically atuned conurbations,such as London,Glasgow,Belfast,Liverpool etc.  What the increasingly dysfunctional and out-of-touch national coalition regime and its hapless local government flunkeys fail to recognise let alone appear to be unable to acknowledge ,is that ,no,the 99% will not,now or ever pick up the tab for the financial vandalism perpetrated by the 1%.


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