Cut down their groves , smash their idols ,destroy their altars.  Here in the EU northwestern maritime province of Yu-Kay ,the utterly morally bankrupt,pro-Usurer/Capitalist Corporate Media is at present indulging its obsessive-compulsive pseudo-moralistic feeding frenzy to a heretofore unknown degree. The object of its ire is the deceased,former pop culture and broadcasting icon Jimmy Savile. The anecdotal evidence seems to point conclusively to the fact,unreported and largely un-investigated during his lifetime,that he was a predatory paedophile with a voracious appetite for his perversion.   The BBC ,itself hardly unaccustomed to the rancid stench of amorality and institutionalised ethical bankruptcy , is the object of its own investigations. Acting on the infallible notion of 20/20 hindsight,the lamentable and tawdry bloated by its own hubris Corporation is investigating why it failed to carry through an investigation into one of its most publicly revered broadcasting legends of the past 50 years.  That’s a great big “oops !”.  Schadenfreude,its hour is chiming loud and clear.


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