Western bourgeois politics really is , as the late Douglas Adams might have put it , a barrel of hyena offal over which one would not wish to be suspended for any length of time if at all. The toadying , servile ,always self-referencing professional Commentariat ; ( those pundits , experts ,insiders and other much vaunted practitioners of the wholly specious and fatuous ” analyses ” ) , are as always beside themselves with mock gravitas and pretentious pastiches of deep philosophical enquiry. My goodness me , the American electorate, amongst all their very many electoral duties and calls upon their limited class consciousness,were summoned by tradition and constitutional protocol to make a sort of communally binding decision to favour one or t’other of the only two plausible/credible candidates for the office of Chief Executive of corporatised, Usury enslaved USA. Well done Yankees ! you managed to deliver the heroic , if somewhat pyrrhic outcome of successfully choosing one of them . Again ,well done . maybe at some point in the not too distant future the smell of the coffee will eventually cause you to stir from your slumbers.


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