To-day ,Wednesday 14th. November is ” Wake-up and smell the Molotov Cocktails Day “, across the beleaguered ,benighted and bewildering land mass forever misnamed Europe. Greece,Portugal and Spain amongst others are witnessing the awakening ,at least in part,of widespread popular demonstrations protesting the European ruling Elites’ enforced austerity measures being carried out against the 99%. Even the notoriously servile BBC managed to refer to the gravitas of what is clearly and unambiguously happening in, albeit for the most part, the most severely affected of the global-recession hit national economies. Socio-economic sea-changes in the prevailing economic and political structures always endure difficult and painful times such as at present. Since the stage-managed collapse of Lehman Bros.and the attendant,prolonged sham of, the Banks didn’t really know what was happening let alone couldn’t foresee what was going to happen; all of that pantomime is about to cease.Their lies have been exposed.


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