No matter how diligent I may choose to be , I cannot for the life of me find those crucial verses in Scripture that say that it’s okay or in order to hammer the poor. I don’t seem able ,either,to recall those passages, in for instance, the Acts of the Apostles or Book of Romans say, that could possibly lend provenance or legitimacy to the present day world’s universally institutionalised practise of Usury; the charging of interest on monetary loans.  Mmmh , must’ve skipped over the whole lot of them,even more so than the, smash the poor,destroy the widow and the widower,starve further the already hungry and persecute the economically and socially disadvantaged bits I just don’t seem capable of discovering in Scripture as handed down to us.  Either the Lord Himself somehow got  ” it ” wrong or it is the ruling elites and their system of global monopoly Usury Capitalism that have got  ” it ” wrong.  Martin Luther was probably the last member of ,what others might politely call the ” awkward squad “, who after posting his blog on-line, ( well at least in 1517 AD the then contemporary equivalent ),left the Church authorities posing a similar question ,Luther having re-applied Hebrew and original Greek to tenets such as ” salvation by grace “,; either the Church is wrong or this book ( they were referring to The Book ) is wrong.  Well , either the centuries old capitalist system of exploitation and pauperisation  is wrong or The Book is.  Oooh , tough  question.Really deep and theological ? Not at all.  The metropolitan-domiciled, Oxbridge-educated ,cosmopolitan, anti-christian ruling elites at present merely sojourning here in what was the green and pleasant land of ” Great ” Britain ,are so unambiguously ,remorselessly in fact, bent on ensuring that it is the 99% who endure unimaginable hardship and misery for decades to come in order to make good the incalculable damage inflicted by the catastrophic economic crisis engineered for their profit,by their chums in the City banks and Financial firms. Clearly ,matters have gotten out of hand.


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