A two-tier Europe as Britain opts out of banking union: Cameron vows to secure ‘better deal’ for nation

  • After 14 hours of talks, eurozone countries agreed that the European Central Bank should directly supervise 200 banks – none of which are British
  • The agreement will prevent eurozone countries ganging up on those that have not adopted the single currency

” I vow to thee my country ” was penned as part of the lyrics to the stirring melody of Holst’s , ” Jupiter ”  Wow , a vow ! The usage of the word itself can nowadays be considered arcane ;  carrying with it connotations of obscurantism and religiosity . Even if one were to consider that the notion of a  ” vow ” , still embodied any legal or quasi-legal validity , what on earth is a career politician and carpetbagger such as David Cameron doing going around making vows ? Whether someone who denies any real personal religious conviction , ( as Cameron has done on several occasions on the public record ) can in any genuine sense make a ” vow ” and then be held accountable for breaking that self – same vow at some point in the future ,is a moot point. As the iconic representative of a government ( that for historic reasons is customarily and  invariably refered to as being his or her ” government ” ), it is no longer  private citizen Cameron , but the government itself  appropriating the language in an off-hand and trivialising fashion , and implying that the said ” vow “, commitment ,pledge or however the solemn undertaking is refered to is de-facto policy. On that score alone ,the once sovereign British electorate are in all likelihood in for a swift and shameless betrayal ; as is the customary mode  of operating of the aforementioned political carpetbagger-in-chief and his coterie of acolytes. In monetary / fiscal terms , the formerly ” great ” britain is now surely consigned to being nothing more than an egregious penny-farthing province of Greater Germany’s Eurozone.


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