UK can’t ‘cherry pick and choose powers to claw back from Brussels’, EU president warns

Herman Van Rompuy said the EU would fall apart quickly if countries were allowed to pick and choose powers
If like the United States, we here in Yu-Kay,the EU’s northwestern maritime province,had an annual , ” State of the Union ” broadcast,they could fit it in comfortably between any two TV ads.There would be very little to report on, but perhaps it would interrupt the awful silence coming from the ECG monitor of this once and former sovereign nation-state. In spite of last summer’s Monty Python-style Carnival of the grotesque that saw £ 9 billions squandered on a nationwide Homage to Leni Riefenstahl and her former employer ; the nation’s corpse remains bedecked in a cheap threadbare suit in a dimly lit funeral parlour; all that’s left to arrange is the actual date of final interment. Apparently ,the only matter of significant public discourse and immediate concern as the sands of time dribbled away their few remaining grains of the year,was ,lo and behold , how much the stupefied consuming masses were throwing away at the checkout tills. Of course things are much worse across the English channel on the ” continent “, as it was rightfully,disparagingly referred to from Providence’s privileged viewing platform,this seat of Mars,etc. There remain 5 million jobless in Spain alone. Greece,Portugal and Ireland continue being sucked sucked inexorably deeper into the mire. The European Central Bank, ( the lead financial Panzer division in the Franco-German led federalisation blitz ) is pivotal in the creation of ever more desperate ,contorted and convoluted fiscal and monetary mechanisms that are intended to by some capitalist thaumaturgy to bring about the single overriding goal of the whole EU enterprise,a continent -wide Federal superstate. This singular, inescapable truth has been oft repeated,quoted and reported on ; but the three Petainist/Quisling parties in Westminster choose to not refer to that particular ” Elephant in the room “. And a Happy New Year ;last one to leave please snuff out the candle.


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