” I don’t believe it ! ” as a catchphrase is somewhat passe nowadays ; you might as well exclaim , ” golly gee,that sure comes as a big surprise “,in the winsome tones perhaps of a 1940’s Looney Tunes cartoon character.  I can barely bring myself to even start to address this , but here goes.. MacDonald’s is aiming to be the UK’s largest distributor of Children’s Books !  According to the , ( and you can read it for yourself ) Daily Mail headlines of Saturday 12th.January 2013 , the Fast-Food chain estimates that it will hand out 15,000,000 books with their  ( heavily product placement branded ) Children’s Happy Meals over the next 2 years . So , not only will future generations continue to experience the wonderful world of obesity ,they will indubitably , become concomitantly more literate as a result of their ballooning  chronic corpulence. Just as Schools used to be all about teaching ,before they morphed into the Liberal-Elites’ all-in-one ideological nanny and gave away fruit to the peasants’ malnourished offspring ; so the Emporia of our leading Restrateurs are morphing into fonts of learning and outposts of extra-Mural Pedagoguey.  It was what , 4 or 5 years ago when parents of pupils at a Rotherham, ( whatever became of that once fair and industrious metropolis of the southerly West Riding ? ) school caught the imbecilic populist mood  when the Media broadcast said parents’ pathetic efforts at ” smuggling ” fish and chips to their nutritionally deprived charges who were no longer permitted to exit school premises during the lunch hour and visit local fast-food oultets. it was Citizen Education Secretary Balls departmental dictum that , ” healthy eating ” be zealously promoted via the State education system.It was the apogee of those Cockney chefs being accorded the status once the sole preserve of the likes of The Curies and Mahatma Gandhi. It all went tits – up in the end , as no doubt they said in Rotherham. The only pragmatic consideration that need concern the exponents of the Literary Arts ,(  and I needs must entertain such notions,there’s a recession on ,y’know and things are getting very austere ) could MacDonald’s use the services of a Poet-in-residence ,for instance ? I mean , surely some creepy horror-show clown is not the best they can come up with ?


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