The Capitalist/Usurer Economic System , sometimes called the ” free market ” ,is predicated on the fundamental notion of the free movement of labour. The other notion or operating principle,is the free movement of capital.Essentially it’s that one the free free movement of capital that motivates the Bourgeoisie,the owners and controllers of capital itself. Rate of return down in Britain ? Wages ( or labour costs as they like to call them ) too high in America ? the solution is simple.Relocate the business elsewhere;the essential precondition to attracting capital; industrial manufacturing as well as goods and services ,is that higher than normal rates of return on investment are guaranteed and that there is very weak unionisation of workers or ideally no unions. Simple . Well, no. Capitalist social relations of production are manifestly paradoxical and contradictory.For instance,in the advanced or mature industrialised western democracies,political elites need to convey an impermeable sense of legitimacy toward their electorates.This of course ,is continually undermined by the political elites themselves by their operation of and support for utterly lunatic policies such as multiculturalism and its concomitant unrestricted mass immigration/cross border migration. Capital supports freedom of movement of labour as long as it is solely in Capital’s interest to do so.Capitalism is not some grand,inspiring humanitarian and egalitarian enterprise,unless there’s a way of monetising such odd concepts. And that’s how we come back time and again to Press articles bemoaning the very thing that drives the Capitalist/Usurer tyranny. As the Daily mail stated ; What a terrible mess David Cameron is in over the UK opening its borders to countless immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria.
He knows there is potentially a huge political and social disaster hurtling down the tracks towards him. Yet there he stands, frozen in the headlamps, waiting for the crash in January, when existing immigration controls are due to be lifted.
As a Mail investigation revealed yesterday and on Saturday, large numbers of migrants from Romania and Bulgaria are preparing to seek work in the UK, where wages are up to five times higher than at home.
People in these two desperately poor countries told our reporter about the lure of the generous benefits system in Britain — and of an expected ‘rush’ to bring over their entire families before ‘someone decides to padlock the door’.
Indeed, as a report by the MigrationWatch think tank explains, unemployment benefit in the UK for a person over-25 is worth £75 a week.
That is more than two times the take-home income of a single person on the minimum wage in Romania, and 2.7 times the income of a Bulgarian.
Child benefit for two children in the UK is worth £33.70 per week — the equivalent of more than a week’s wages, after tax, in both Romania and Bulgaria.


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