The EU , ( and its Frankfurt-domiciled European Central Bank in collusion with the I.M.F.) has ordered the government of  ( the EU’s provincial mediterranean satrapy ) Cyprus to rob its own banks and steal money from its own citizens.  Nietzsche’s dictum that , ” What the State has is theft..”  , is at times like these simply stating the obvious. Cyprus has joined the ever growing casualty list of financially stricken ,economic basket-cases that have gone grovelling to the EU for a bailout.  Italy,Spain,Portugal,Greece and Ireland , all of whose national economies are plummeting toward terminal catastrophe , are now joined in this IMF/EU choreographed collective kamikaze swan-dive by Cyprus, the runt of the litter that isn’t even a dot above the letter ” i ” in the word shit in the EU’s lexicon.  Sober-minded,circumspect economics gurus,who as a matter-of-course eschew sensationalism ,are agreed that what all the plethora thus far of multi-hundred billion Euro bailouts has actually achieved , is ever more dire contractions in the parlous national economies of those countries supposedly bailed-out in the first place. Quite how much longer the German electorate can manage to maintain even a semblance of its rigorous stupor in the face of Berlin’s industrial-scale embezzlement of Germans’ hard-earned money and savings,is a very moot point. Still, if modern european history has taught the continent’s political classes anything these centuries past,it is that the German People ,Das Volk ,invariably do at some stage get really pissed off.Let us hope that this time it is much sooner rather than later.


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