Here in the EU’s northwestern maritime province of Yu-Kay,the local indigenous politicians maintain and celebrate an ancient tradition , ” Budget Day ” which is a great example of that phenomenon still afflicting societies right across the World,that of The Cargo Cult.  The arcane mystical practices of the cult are often referred to by its initiates and adherents as  “the free market ” and sometimes,confusingly as “capitalism “. One of the central tenets of this discredited Cultic belief-system is,that once calamitous events have been precipitated by the chief practitioners and high priests,called ” financial crises ” and interchangeably,” economic crises ” , the only way to appease the elemental forces unleashed is by making a huge and terrible socio-economic sacrifice that has to be exacted from the 99% of the population who in fact had no part whatsoever in initiating let alone precipitating the cataclysmic events themselves.  This cathartic process of ritualistic sacrifice specifically excludes the upper 1% of society,being affected in anyway whatsoever as ordered by the,erm.. 1% themselves .  The implementation of the sacrificial rites is assisted, by way of plausible explanation to the 99%, with the widespread usage of terms of abuse for the most economically disadvantaged and socially marginalised within society. Local indigenous politicians make use of moribund arcane formulae that link the involuntary economic inactivity of those chosen to be sacrificed as being the root cause for which they are now about to assuage by their sacrifice. It’s a good thing that there are so many poor,work-shy,feckless idle spongers about to sacrifice,because otherwise the high priests and initiates would have a hard time explaining cause and effect to the slightly less than poor who all think that they won’t be next if the cataclysm persists.


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