The trouble with , ( or indeed the benefit of ) the increasingly self-delusional bourgeois politicians,philosophers,gurus and experts is that, without being aware of it , they all occupy the same cabin space on the SS Titanic of History. They are going down with all hands. Goodnight , goodbye and good riddance.The Daily ,official fanzine of the Usury Community and other disparate loathsome vermin,Mail reports the following…..’Crisis economy’ UK: You’re in as bad a state as eurozone, says new Bank chief as IMF urges Osborne to ditch austerity package
Mark Carney compared the UK to basket case countries in the eurozone
The IMF has slashed its growth forecast for the UK over next two years
PUBLISHED: 00:15, 19 April 2013 | UPDATED: 07:33, 19 April 2013

Britain was last night branded a ‘crisis economy’ by incoming Bank of England governor Mark Carney.
The Canadian, who takes over from Sir Mervyn King in July, compared the UK with basket case countries in the eurozone in a brutal assessment of the economic outlook.
Speaking on the fringes of the International Monetary Fund’s spring meetings in Washington, he said: ‘The US is breaking out of the pack of crisis economies that include the eurozone, the UK and Japan.’
It came after the IMF this week slashed its growth forecasts for the UK over the next two years and warned that George Osborne is ‘playing with fire’ by pressing ahead with his programme of tax hikes and spending cuts.



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