If it is any longer true or valid to assert that ,” It is the inalienable right of Sovereign ,independent Nation states to determine their own citizenry.” , then it seems that very little discernible evidence of this truism is still being practised anywhere across the continent of Europe ,apart from Switzerland. The migration of peoples , in such numbers as to have an immediate and discernible social and economic impact upon the prevailing indigenous cultural characteristics and socio-economic infrastructure of the country or countries of destination of the migrants , is now an indelible fact of everyday existence within the EU.  Freedom of movement of Capital and Labour is the great Shibboleth at the very heart of the EU cargo – cult . The propagandistic ,systematic worship of and indeed totalitarian promotion and enforcement of the secular theology of Multiculturalism is the major sickness afflicting the already ailing formerly sovereign and independent nation-states that have been betrayed by their Petainist/Quisling -like political elites in their pursuit of a Universal Capitalist Hegemony founded on one single,idealised pan-european superstate. And it is only by identifying and analysing particular instances of this carcinogenic,deculturaliasing process that we are reminded of its seemingly inexorable,triumphalist blitzkrieg against our historic institutions and identity. Even that sad pastiche of a Daily let’s pretend we still actually are patriotic Mail is forced out of conscience to report…….Sacked, governors of school that covered up poor standards: Parents fooled into believing pupils were doing well
PUBLISHED: 16:02, 28 April 2013 | UPDATED: 01:31, 29 April 2013

A school’s entire board of governors has been sacked after teachers were caught marking work too generously to cover up poor standards.
Parents were being fooled into thinking their children were doing well by teachers who have not had their work monitored properly for years.
Ofsted inspectors only discovered what was happening when they looked at pupils’ written work at Bradford Moor Primary School – where only 2 per cent of pupils speak English as their native language.

Anger: Parents at the Bradford school protest in February over failing teaching standards

Governors of Bradford Moor Primary in West Yorkshire, pictured, have been sacked after Ofsted inspectors discovered falling standards during a recent visit
They criticised the teachers’ ‘lack of subject knowledge’.
The school has now been placed in special measures and the education authority dumped the entire board of governors last week.
Two years ago the Labour-controlled council praised the school as an example of successful multi-racial education. But since then the school has come under fire for falling standards.

A third of pupils ‘can hardly communicate’ when they start school: Education minister risks fresh clash with nursery chiefs
Forced to resign, the race-storm Tory councillor who doesn’t want ‘coloured’ pupils on his doorstep
Anglican school where 75% of the pupils are Muslim drops Christian hymns from assemblies
In February, a parents’ group staged a protest over the school’s scrapping of sets in favour of mixed-ability classes.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage, pictured, was concerned that Bradford Moor Primary had been forced to rely on interpreter services
There has also been criticism over resources being spent on interpreters for children and parents.
Most pupils at the primary school come from a Pakistani background and speak Urdu or Punjabi. Only nine out of 470 have English as their first language.
Christopher Keeler, who led the Ofsted inspection, said in his report: ‘Evidence from looking at the work in pupils’ books indicates that teachers’ assessments of what pupils can do are too generous, particularly in writing.
‘This gives a misleading impression of standards to pupils and their parents.’
And in a withering attack on staff, the report added: ‘Some teachers lack the level of subject knowledge, experience and confidence required to teach either literacy or numeracy effectively.’


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