“With much higher levels of unemployment in some member states than others at the moment, it is all the more important to make it easier for those that want to work in another EU country to be able to do so,” said Laszlo Andor, the EU commissioner for “employment, social affairs and inclusion”.  Thus reported various UK based newspapers , including the  ” Daily seriously couldn’t give a damn about the poor Telegraph ” . One week after this unreconstructed Stalinist Kommissar’s bellicose utterances , UKIP registered a phenomenal political breakthrough in local government election results across,for ease of reference , the Tory heartlands of the South and south-east England. The establishment’s parliamentiary triumvirate of Petainist EU bootlicking political parties have all taken fright and or umbrage at what the Commentariat sees as a most unwelcome and largely unforeseen development.  The much abused,and oft quoted ” People ” really are pissed off with the lot of them and perhaps are on their way to becoming seriously pissed off , just as the electorate in Italy recently demonstrated its will to resist and overcome the social and economically asphixyating burden of unaccountable and unresponsive establishment parties.  Any development,no matter how attenuated or disparate in its effects , is at this stage of the on-going capitalist global economic crisis ,to be welcomed ,endorsed,supported and encouraged. Whether its the 5 Star movement in Italy or the anti-austerity/ anti EU bailout populist forces throughout Europe’s so-called periphery,or hardline patriotic nationalists wherever and however they might manifest themselves; the more the merrier.  Long Live The Free,Sovereign and Independent Peoples who at present are subjugated by the tyrannical despotisim of the EU-SSR and subjected to the International banking cartels draconian austerity and pauperisation measures as enacted by the Petainist collaborationist ” national ” governments,who rule by deception,fraud and disinformation against the interests of their own electorates.


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