The Cargo Cult that is the global capitalist economic system is not about to undergo some kind of miraculous revival any time soon.The intrinsic,ineradicable , systemic failures that peaked around 2007/08 with the Banking and manifold Sovereign debt Crises have not been resolved ,are not on their way to being resolved nor are they likely to be,ever. As Global Monopoly Capitalism has evolved and transformed itself over the centuries , so has it remained true to its nature.Only the extent and intensity of universally enforced exploitation and pauperisation of the 99% can be said to be in any way different than in the past. A few weeks ago for example,an illegally and shoddily constructed 8 storey-high structure in Bangladesh housing several garment factory workshops,catastrophically collapsed killing ,at latest estimates over 1,000 people. The UK high street clothing retailer Primark amongst others were buyers for the cheaply produced garments of those factories. Those ” bargain ” tee-shirts retailing at £4.50 in UK clothing stores necessitate the rigourous exploitation of a labour force in countries whose own national entrepreneurs are desperate, and or willing enough to act as surrogates for western-based global capitalist ventures. Purchasing products from nascent capitalist,what used to be called the Third World,countries is a matter of functional necessity not only in the pursuit of the maximisation of profit,but also in the seamless maintenance of supply to the ever expanding and voracious maw of western-style mass consumption of goods. Althusser identified and incisively articulated this dialectic ;in the social relations of production,within civil society ,the masses are inculcated with what is objectively a false consciousness ;the aim of which is for each of us to be made to think of ourselves not as essentially labour that is exploited for private profit by capitalists,but rather as,for example , ” consumers ” or “customers “. The issue and immediate concern ,it turned out for the de-ideologised UK worker ,was not how terrible and unjust working conditions are in another part of the globalised economy,but rather ,would this mean an interruption in the availability of cheap consumer items. The Corporate Media and its professional,pharisitic Commentariat managed,quite brilliantly to relocate the deaths of 1,000 workers away from the actual perpetrators and their crimescene into an entirely fictitious one,that of poor building regulation and oversight. Surprised ?


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