Here in the EU satrapy of Yu-Kay ,it’s been a really bad few days for the proponents and practitioners of the secular religion of multiculturalism. The counterfeit shibboleth which we are expected to bow down and worship daily has taken yet another battering. A couple of days ago, one British citizen was accosted by two other British citizens and hacked to death by them in broad daylight on a London high street. The perpetrators proclaimed the glory of Allah as they uploaded film of their atrocity directly onto social media. Some 20 minutes after,who we now know to be Lee Rigby had been literally butchered,the Metropolitan Plod turned up in their gay SWAT outfits to belatedly deal with his killers. And then the inevitable  official cringeing, genuflecting, political handwringing acquiescence toward Islam was rolled out. The orchestrated pantomime of implausible explanations and feeble excuses began to be trotted out from the Yu-Kay’s Chief Toilet Attendant David Cameron hierarchically downwards. Minister after Minister ,lickspittle careerist politician after lickspittle careerist polticain by the dozen , expert analyst after expert analyst from the burgeoning ranks of otherwise redundant Media Commentariat ,all displayed the same kow-towing , invertebrate  obeisance to the falsehoods and accepted myths of Islam and its symbiotic host , multiculturalism. We experienced precisely the same State-sanctioned propaganda tsunami after 9/11 in 2001,after 7/7 in 2005; after the more recent convictions of terrorist cells in Birmingham and in Luton, etcetera. It remains the case,that despite the exceptional institutionalised indulgence and judicial leniency shown toward British citizens going abroad to volunteer to bear arms on behalf of foreign powers and forces in Syria,Iraq,Somalia,Northern Nigeria,Chechnya,Pakistan etcetera; those British citizens are actually guilty of committing acts of treason.Jaw-droppingly and explicitly so.  But,hey,wait on,they’re Muslims. How shall I conclude this politely ? Makes you think doesn’t it ?


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