It was announced the other day ,and the British Foreign Secretary William Hague popped up all over the media to confirm that , a meeting of EU Foreign Ministers had decided to end the EU’s embargo on arms shipments to, what the West in particular chooses to describe as ,” opposition forces ” in the  burgeoning conflict they again choose to call the Syrian Civil War. Clearly , William Hague is acting as the spokesman for some kind of bizarre Historical Re-enactment Society which passes itself off as the foreign policy arm of the British Government. To categorise this high-end EU lunacy as the product of some rational discourse amongst the rarified higher echelons of international political elites,is being charitable in the extreme. After the unprecedented foreign policy and ensuing humanitarian debacles it caused in the former Yugoslavia ,Afghanistan and Iraq ,NATO and its coven of supine satrapies ( masquerading as the EU )rational thinkers might have concluded that NATO learned some invaluable lessons.Alas for reason. What the increasingly deluded and ever more desperate ,quasi-national foreign policy objectives  of bankrupt Britain and penniless France seem to be , is a poor man’s re-enactment of the 1912 Balkans war,albeit in geographic proximity. Back then ,the ” Great Powers ” ,as once were,acted out their megalomaniacal imperialist intrigues and subterfuge in an already precarious cauldron of insurgent nationalisms rising up against the rapidly decaying carcass of prevailing power-structures of the Ottoman Empire. Quite where this latest moribund adventurism will land our society is simply a guess;the same kind of guess passengers have to make when they know that the pilot of their plane is flying manually and blindfolded. Hey ho !


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