How collectively naive do people have to be in order that they respond with disbelief or outrage or incredulity to anything reported on by the media ,as if that report were somehow a startling revelation or fortuitous discovery of a deeply buried truth ? all of recorded human history is the indelible record of the struggle , in one guise or another of Class against Class ;the proverbial 1% pitted against the 99%. Ruling Elites and their symbiotic political class lie ,cheat ,steal ,dissimulate and so forth , not because they are somehow intrinsically ” bad ” ,but rather they act out of utilitarian necessity in order to maintain and reinforce their hegemonic rule over the rest of us. still , the Daily ,blimey what on earth is going on ? Mail does kind of get it ; I think….We DID make Greece’s debt crisis worse with brutal cuts and tax hikes, IMF admits as Greeks say they ‘can’t forgive’ officials for making recession worse
IMF report admits fund forced austerity measures on Greece too quickly
Fund also failed to restructure country’s debts at the start of crisis
Greek politicians welcome IMF’s confession and call for change of course
PUBLISHED: 14:25, 6 June 2013 | UPDATED: 01:15, 7 June 2013

A war of words broke out between the International Monetary Fund and the EU yesterday over its bungled bailout of Greece.
The IMF admitted to ‘notable failures’ in the handling of the Greek crisis and accused European officials of being more concerned with saving the euro than rescuing the debt-ridden country.
The Fund, headed by Christine Lagarde, said it was forced to break its own rules for providing financial assistance to bankrupt countries because EU leaders refused to take action to solve the crisis.

Brothers and Sisters ,ladies and gentlemen ,Comrades we are at war with the enemy and they have graciously admitted to starting it ! ” Arise ye starvelings from your slumbers , arise ye criminals of want …”


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