Yu-Kay Province’s Toilet Attendant-in-Chief Cameron’s off his meds,again . The Daily Home Counties Tory Fanzine Mail somewhat distressingly reports David’s catastrophic relapse thus….Britain must remain in the EU to compete in global race, Cameron claims as he attacks ‘bloated welfare system’ and failing schools
Cameron outlines plans to push Britain into the top five of global business
He announces three goals to eliminate our ‘national weaknesses’
PUBLISHED: 01:06, 10 June 2013 | UPDATED: 08:54, 10 June 2013

Bullish: David Cameron is laying out three principal goals for success in the global economy ahead of the G8 summit
Remaining part of the European Union is vital to Britain being able to compete in the world, David Cameron will claim in a bold speech today.
The Prime Minister will warn that a ‘bloated welfare system’ and underperforming state schools are holding Britain back in the ‘global race’.

The trouble with tories is not that they claim to be patriotic ,but that they believe themselves to be the only ones capable of being patriotic and that therefore every single policy of theirs is by definition in what they call Britiain’s ” best interests “.Unfortunately for the rest of us freeborn Britons , the tory version of being patriotic involves betraying absolutely everything quintessentially British to Foreign Powers whose sole motivations and priorities are wholly incompatible with ours.The very fact that tories and their wiberal and wabour cousins callously discriminate against their own electorate prefering to employ 2,000,000 itinerant EU job-snatchers instead  ,is but one of the visible manifestations of what passes nowadays for  ” acting in the british interest ” .


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