So,this is what early 21st.century Global Monopoly Capitalism looks like.Squalid , dysfunctional and remorselessly oppressive for the 99% of those under its yoke. A tinpot shabby excuse of an economic superstructure that is somehow the pinnacle of all previous human civilisation’s endeavours and sacrifices,hopes and dreams ? bollocks ,of course it isn’t . The peoples of Brazil are on the march ,there is tumult again in Egypt. the worldwide economic crises shudder ever louder. Perhaps it is therefore entirely apposite and somewhat a sign of the times, that on Monday,1st.July the Republic of Croatia became the 28th.member state of the European Union. The bastard offspring of American foreign policy hegemony as articulated and practised by its NATO satrapies,and the re-emergent ,proto-fascist insurgents who collaborated in the dismemberment and destruction of the forrmerly,democratic and sovereign Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Former fascists ,former communists ,gangster influenced ,nepotistic ballot-rigging criminals;Croatia has got it all and should therefore feel completely at home with those of a remarkably similar provenance in the likes of Bulgaria,Romania,Hungary,Slovenia,Slovakia,Poland ,Czech Republic,Estonia,Latvia and Lithuania. At least Berlin will be happy at this latest addition to its  ” Drang Nach Osten “.


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