It only seems like yesterday when President Morsi of Egypt chipped in his proverbial ” two-pennorth” at the Friends of Syria conference or whatever the heck they called it. Besides the hubristic posturing on a diva-like scale by the United States and its coterie of kow-towing satrapies ,the conference was notable for the explicit and rather voluble call to Islamic Jihad against the government and citizens of Syria by Morsi.  A few weeks on and UK-pretend Foreign Secretary Hague is speaking out against any military intervention against those involved in the forcible removal of Morsi from the seat of power. It’s always reassuring to be reminded how much the West is against military intervention on just any old pretext. Pity they didn’t apply the same criteria to Yugoslavia ,Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.  But hey,you live and learn;or rather somebody somewhere dies and then they learn,I suppose.


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