What began as a tragedy with the NATO invasion of the country in 2001,is ending with the farce of the forces of indigenous, ineradicable religious conservatism declaring victory…The Daily Torygraph reports……By Zubair Babakarkhail, Kabul and Rob Crilly7:13PM BST 21 Jul 2013
The programmes – modelled on Western favourites such as The Voice and Pop Idol – are hugely popular in a country with a young population and where television ownership has rocketed since the Taliban were ousted from Kabul in 2001.
At the same time there is a growing backlash against what many see as foreign values.
Abdul Sattar Khawasi, a parliamentarian, is leading the campaign and has secured a promise from the Afghan minister of information to review the programmes.
“I have already made it clear in the lower house that I am going to start a jihad against these kind of shows and programmes on our television channels,” he said.
Swathes of Afghanistan remain beholden to conservative clerics. Women are rarely seen outside the home and only then hidden beneath a burka…….The only astonishing thing is that the West and its acolytes in the region pretend to be astonished ! was it ever going to conclude in any other way ? No. Meanwhile in the EU’s Yu-Kay province, Toilet attendant-in-Chief Cameron has promised a jihad against Internet search engines. plus ca change.


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