The strapline bracketed by quotation marks is factually inaccurate.” Until offered employment” is what it says in the Press release and article itself.

“I am on hunger strike until someone gives me a job”

10th January 2012
 A new 'permanent' site for the work of Destiny's poets was opened by Mayor Coun Ros Lund  Pictured

10th January 2012 A new ‘permanent’ site for the work of Destiny’s poets was opened by Mayor Coun Ros Lund Pictured”: Louis Kasatkin from the church. PICTURE: MATTHEW PAGE

A poet will go hungry until he is offered work, in a protest against the government’s policies on unemployment.

Freelance poet and writer Louis Kasatkin, who co-founded the Destiny Poets group in 2010, started his hunger strike on Friday.

Mr Kasatkin, of Pinderfields Road, said he made 1,000 job applications but they were all turned down since he becoming unemployed in 2008.

And he said his protest would highlight “the official hostility and economic privations which millions of unemployed are experiencing because of failed government policies”.

He said: “I was a Trade Union and Right to Work activist under Margaret Thatcher but today’s social and economic apartheid, fuelled by official antipathy towards the jobless, is much worse.

“Here I stand – I can do no other.”

Mr Kasatkin has run poetry workshops in schools, and said he had years of experience in the warehousing and retail sectors.

But he said he considered the government’s Work Programme, which he has been on for two years, to be “ineffectual”.

ADDENDUM:- For on-going updates see also Louis Kasatkin on facebook;Wakefield for Change on facebook;and @louiskasatkin on twitter.

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