Blimey, Day 11 already ! Funny how once you’re on hungerstrike the time just seems to rush past you.Apparently I am not alone, a guy by the name of Ralph Boes is doing the same thing right now ( and on several previous occasions !) over in Germany.Their joblessness/benefits situation is in all kinds of shit not entirely dissimilar to the armageddon scenario here in Germany’s overseas province of Yu-Kay.herewith,one more time my original press-release…..P R E S S – R E L E A S E : Louis Kasatkin,Freelance Performance Poet and Writer from Wakefield went on Hunger Strike from 00.01 GMT, Friday 26 July to protest at his long term unemployment. Despite years of experience in a number of sectors including warehousing and retail customer sales,as well as leading poetry workshops in schools, Louis has applied unsuccessfully for more than 1,000 vacancies since 2008 and spent the last 2 years on the largely ineffectual Work Programme. As a Christian and Social Justice Activist , Louis is going on hunger strike to highlight the official hostility and economic privations which millions of unemployed are experiencing because of failed government policies. The hunger strike/ fast will continue until he receives the offer of employment. Louis says , ” I was a Trades Union and Right to Work activist under Thatcher but today’s social and economic apartheid fuelled by official antipathy towards the jobless is much worse. ” As to the fast itself , ” Here I stand,I can do no other “.


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