Poet is eating again after securing new job

by Colin Strachan

Published on the

12 August 



An unemployed poet who went on hunger strike until he was offered a job is back in work.


Louis Kasatkin, of Pinderfields Road, started his first shift at a local warehouse on Saturday morning, having gone 15 days without eating.


He began his protest after claiming he’d had 1,000 job applications rejected since 2008.


And he criticised “failed” government policies on unemployment.


Mr Kasatkin said he ended the strike with a meal of sausages and peas.


He said: “I had got quite used to not eating and feel I could have carried on if necessary.


“Nothing worthwhile can ever be achieved without pain and sacrifice. That has always been a core belief of mine.


“We live in difficult and dangerous times, but we haven’t seen half of how bad things will get. We’re on a downhill alpine run and we’ve no brakes.”


Even the slipshod,wheedling proto-fascist weekly tabloid, Wakefield Express ,conceded the spiritual,ideological,political and moral high ground..eventually.Though to be frank ,their Johnson Press Corporate stable companions ,Yorkshire Evening Post produced sharper and less equivocating articles and the YEP didn’t fabricate quotes.


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