They are serious. Those deluded ,lickspittle running dogs of American Imperialism are actually gearing up to initiate World war III. Or as the Daily Tory Home Counties Fanzine Mail reports in their August 27 edition,,using the venerable Max Hastings,

Immature advisers, moral indignation and the folly of wading into this bloody morass

 Evidence suggests Assad almost certainly used chemical weapons against his foes and innocent civilians in defiance of the global ban on such horrors

MAX HASTINGS: Unfortunately, for the cause of justice and truth, loose talk about morality is a luxury grown-up governments cannot often afford to indulge. 

The so-called neo-cons ,so-called Tories,so-called Liberals,so-called social-democrats,so-called socialists are all one and the same hapless,toadying,venomous guttersnipes of a dying worldwide Cargo-Cult, latter-day enforcers of what is usually, mistakenly referred to as Capitalism,or the capitalist democracies or some equally arrant nonsense devoid of any actual critical content let alone rational coherence. They,the US and its NATO satrapies,bombed Serbia to bits ,Afghanistan and Iraq likewise ;did a fairly slapdash similar job on Libya and they’ve since been variously threatening to repeat their second-rate shock and awe against Iran and Syria ,though in all likelihood not at that same time,though with the impending doomsday scenario being ratcheted up here in the free West,one can never be entirely sanguine about the prospects of a World War One style super splatfest. One thing’s for  certain this time ,there will be blood.Quite an inordinate amount of it.


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