The truth that is beginning to be allowed to speak its name…
Immigration is hurting us, say six out of ten British voters: Fears over impact on jobs and public services
The study was commissioned by former Tory treasurer Lord Ashcroft
Just one in six believe advantages of immigration outweigh the disadvantages
PUBLISHED: 01:41, 2 September 2013 | UPDATED: 08:37, 2 September 2013

Sixty per cent of the public believe immigration has damaged Britain, a major poll revealed last night.
The study, commissioned by former Tory treasurer Lord Ashcroft, reveals widespread concern about the scale of immigration and its impact on jobs and public services.
Just one person in six (17 per cent) believes that the advantages of immigration have outweighed the disadvantages.
Ineffective: A government initiative to reduce immigration that was deemed unlikely to work

Many of the 20,000 people polled also reported direct experience of losing out to immigrants in the competition for a job or public services such as housing.
Overall, it was identified as the second most important issue facing Britain after the state of the economy.
Lord Ashcroft said the study revealed deep concerns about immigration, coupled with scepticism that any of the political parties would deal with the problem.
‘Many feel that over the past 15 years immigration has been allowed to happen on a scale we cannot cope with, and without public consent being sought or given,’ he said.
‘Politicians underestimated the size of the challenge, lost control of the situation, refused for too long to acknowledge that any problems might result, and are now struggling but failing to cope.
‘Most [of the public] do not feel there is any strategy for dealing with the number of migrants and their successful integration into British society, or for managing the effects on housing, infrastructure, jobs, the NHS, schools or the benefits system.’
More than three-quarters of people (77 per cent) said they supported a ‘drastic’ reduction in immigration, saying it would make it easier for British people to find jobs and reduce the pressure on public services.
Perchance an honest and open ,uninhibited debate and informed,mature reflection on the whole post-1945 catastrophe ? probably not.Then again it is Global Monopoly Capitalism and its ruling elites that support ,” freedom of movement for labour “. I wonder why that is ? he asked rhetorically.


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