Achtung Baby !  The German Bundestag Elections have delivered the result that many wished they hadn’t ; then again bourgeois democratic mass politics is a stubborn beast . The watchword  seems to have been caution and it was pretty much adhered and responded to. Both quasi-extraparliamentiary Lefts and Rights , not only in Germany,but across the Greater EU,really do need to take to the streets with added fervour ,commitment and intensity from hereon in. Otherwise we’ll end up getting  cotton-woolled to death. Der Spiegl carried some interesting ,in a nerdy politics kind of way, worthwhile insights into this Merkel triumph. Most significant is the percentage of the electorate whose political and ideological preferences will NOT be represented in the Bundestag.


22. Sep. 2013

Charly Wilder
As Kanzlerin and political juggernaut Angela Merkel basks in her historically decisive win, it’s becoming increasingly clear who the losers are in today’s election: Germany’s smaller parties. It appears that neither the business-friendly Free Democrats, the anti-euro Alternative for Germany party, nor the Internet-freedom Pirates are likely to clear the 5-percent hurdle needed for representation in German parliament, the Bundestag. That means a large chunk of the German electorate might also feel the sting of defeat tonight: As results currently stand, some 16 percent of votes cast today will not be represented in parliament.

The environmentalist Green Party, which has been dogged by a string of recent scandals, also performed dismally, pulling in only 8 percent of the vote (and this after getting a record high 10.7 result in 2009). The Greens’ Jürgen Trittin accused others of waging a smear campaign against the party, saying, “We have lost in this election campaign. All the smaller parties have lost in this election campaign. That is the bitter truth.”

The only small party that didn’t under-perform tonight was the far-left Left Party, which brought in around 8.5 percent, remarkably receiving more votes than the Greens. “Who would have thought in 1990 that this party would be the third strongest force in Germany?” Left Party leader Gregor Gysi told supporters tonight in Berlin. “You would have locked me up in a psychiatric ward if I had predicted this sort of result back in 1990.”

On the whole ,the Euro-Titanic shall undoubtedly maintain its present course and heading . The only moot point of any interest to posterity is when the inevitable  terminal crash will eventuate. Hurry on sundown.

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