1. News for bombing of Pakistani church

    1. BBC News ‎- 1 hour ago
      Victims of an attack on a church in Pakistan should be considered Christian martyrs, the Archbishop of Canterbury says.
    1. New York Times‎ – 11 hours ago
      The above were copied from Google’s results as at 4.20 GMT,Wednesday 25th.September 2013. The Islamic terrorist attack against Christians in Peshawar coincided with the Islamic terrorist onslaught and ensuing hostage crisis happening at a shopping mall in Nairobi,Kenya .The Western Corporate media ” went ” with the shopping mall siege in Nairobi. Not that one Islamic terror attack is somehow more or less heinous than any other ,but the decadent and socially degenerating Capitalist West’s deity, Mammon and its religion of consumerism bears witness to a far deeper and far more damaging spiritual and ideological crisis afflicting the former “christian” nations such as Britain and the US,than the casual observer might have been aware of.

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