They do not rest ,they do not cease ,they are remorseless. The Ruling Elites hated and despised the very concept of the Post-1945 Welfare State and their hatred continues unabated and is even now being cranked up today amid the chaos and shambles of their own carefully strategised, planned and implemented economic/financial crises which they unleashed in 2007. What ” They ” have actually always preferred is a forerlock-tugging servile peasantry expressing it’s undying gratitude for every single solitary morsel which ” They ”  have deigned to flick off of their plates onto the floor so that the rest of mankind scrabbles around in a competitive free-for-all in order to try and get their personal sustenance from that cast off morsel. Social Security a.k.a. Welfare benefits are a legal entitlement ,they cannot be paid in return for the expenditure of labour power,otherwise that transform them into remuneration,i.e. payment for work done. And if work is remunerated ,then whomsoever pays must be the employer and must therefore issue and offer employment contracts in competition with other employers in a competitive labour market subject to legislative norms. Clearly the aforegoing is not what the Tories have in mind at all,as this extract from to-day’s Daily Torygraph makes explicit.

By Claire Carter

12:33AM BST 27 Sep 2013

Under proposals expected to be announced next week at the Conservative conference, people who have been out of work for a long time will be expected to earn their benefits by working for firms unpaid or in the community.

It has been suggested adopting a new US-style ‘work for the dole’ scheme will help to reduce Britain’s large benefits bill.

It is expected that those who fail to find jobs through the Government’s main back to work scheme – the Work Programme – will have to work for their payments, sources told the Daily Mail.

Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, told the newspaper: “It’s not acceptable for people to expect to live a life on benefits if they’re able to work.”

Sources in the Department for Work and Pensions described the reports as “pure speculation”.


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