Welcome to Salem ,Massachusetts,circa 1692. Tory England 2013 ,and there are workshy skiving scroungers afoot that need to be hunted down and dealt with.

1 October 2013, 6.19am BST

Osborne workfare plan aims for jobs that don’t exist

Extending the trend. Stefan Rousseau/PA

George Osborne’s Help to Work scheme, announced in his keynote speech at the Conservative Party Conference, gives three options to the long-term unemployed – work placements, daily job centre visits, or compulsory training. The purpose of this intervention – to eradicate the option of “something for nothing” in the benefits system – appears to be setting up something of a straw man given the large extent of conditionality evident in the benefits system as it stands.

Any doubts that people on unemployment related benefits have to demonstrate an active pursuit of work will be dispelled by a glance at the eligibility criteria for job seeker’s allowance. The effectiveness of addressing long-term worklessness through such schemes is also highly questionable.

As for me ,I’m on zero-hours Agency contract suddenly and unexpectedly confronted with a text message telling me that ,there is no work all next week.So i have to apply for Job Seekers Allowance even though I’m not “seeking “;now an on-line process that took me around 90 minutes to complete.More or less satisfactorily. i tend to believe that Marx and Lenin had it all worked out all pretty near correctly,don’t you ?


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