The following article gleaned from the ” News & Star ” in Carlisle,is only a pebble rolling down the mountainside,the circumspect harbinger of a still unimaginable avalanche that is inexorably following in its wake. The ordinary  citizen here in Yu-Kay is still way too compliant ,conformist,self-effacing,diffident and socially autisitic when it comes to engaging in direct Political Action,to protesting volubly about the economic  and social shitstorm that is being visited upon them by the Ruling Elites and their toadying acolytes of the political class and its institutions. if there ever was a warning shot given to those 1%bastards ,it was fired a long ,long time ago.What comes next requires no further warning;time really has run out.


By David Hemming

Published at 13:08, Monday, 30 September 2013

Desperate Carlisle families are turning to crime to put food on their plates.

Beans photo

People are shoplifting food

And some people are so hard up they are even trying to rip off a local service offering free food parcels, a charity has revealed.

It comes as one of Britain’s top police officers has warned that more people are shoplifting to feed themselves and their families.

Lancashire Chief Constable Steve Finnigan said many first-time offenders were stealing basics like meat and cheese.

Captain Mark Sellers, from Carlisle’s Salvation Army, said that the number of people using the city’s foodbank service, which gives out free food parcels to those most in need, is growing every month.

2013 ?..1913..1813..1713..1613……..The Struggle Continues.


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