And here’s a little something that I prepared , a la WikiLeaks Yorkshire style, earlier today and emailed to my local media;BBC Radio York,Yorkshire Evening Post and Wakefield Express.

Do you know ? That in the last few weeks, nearly 1,000 people have been recruited by local Agencies for warehouse work where they have been trained for work which isn’t there . DHL for Debenham’s ,Sherburn-In-Elmet is being rammed with excess staff from 3 employment agencies, Blue Arrow,24.7 and Prime Time. The jobs on offer are for warehouse operatives at £6.50 p/h ;DHL are paying Agencies at least £13 p/h for them. Anxiety and disillusionment is widespread throughout the recently recruited workforce as well as those who’ve been on-site for up to a year. The vast army of transient,zero-hours contract recruits has been hoovered up in the main endemic unemployment blackspots such as Leeds,Wakefield and Selby. After a solitary day’s “training” in the virtually dormant Packing Dept.Entire days are spent litter-picking and “housekeeping” in lieu of the promised work.the bewildered new recruits are expected to somehow subsist on one or two occasional shifts per week with absolutely no guarantee of any hours whatsoever from the Agencies.Having each recruited and continuing to recruit upwards of 300-400 staff each ,Blue arrow,24.7 and prime Time continue cashing in as do placement services organisations such as Meridian business services who trouser £10 per head on people they refer to the Agencies,who in turn are enjoying a bonanza at the the DHL goldmine.

Plus ca change. This is capitalism.


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