When it comes right down to it , the Usurer/Capitalist system is ,to purloin Orwell’s phrase, ” a boot stamping on a human face forever “. The point after all,of ,however you describe it ;whether neo-liberal economics,free-market capitalism,the free market , comes to this,an ever increasing pauperisation of Society in general,economically,socially,culturally and spiritually.Degradation and evisceration are as intrinsic to the Bourgeois Capitalist Order,as venom is to an Adder.  Wal-Mart,par example , is an ” iconic ” brand ,it promotes in Goebbels-like fashion the idea of colleagues ,sharing ,thrift,an honest hard day’s work,doing one’s very best,being enthusiastic and all the other pretentious load of transatlantic mantra-esque social psychological bollocks. herewith a recent report gleaned from the Huffington Post of November 8 2014.

Surrounded by about 100 police officers in riot gear and a helicopter circling above, more than 50 Walmart workers and supporters were arrested in downtown Los Angeles Thursday night as they sat in the street protesting what they called the retailer’s “poverty wages.”

Organizers said it was the largest single act of civil disobedience in Walmart’s 50-year history. The 54 arrestees, with about 500 protesting Walmart workers, clergy and supporters, demonstrated outside LA’s Chinatown Walmart. Those who refused police orders to clear the street after their permit expired were arrested without incident. Those who fail to post $5,000 bail would be jailed overnight, Detective Gus Villanueva, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman, told The Huffington Post.

Their primary demand to Walmart: pay every full-time worker at least $25,000 a year.

One of the protesting Walmart workers, Anthony Goytia, a 31-year-old father of two, said he believes he will make about $12,000 this year. It’s a daily struggle, he said, “to make sure my family doesn’t go hungry.”

“The power went out at my house yesterday because I couldn’t afford the bill,” Goytia told HuffPost. “I had to run around and get two payday loans to pay for my rent from the first” of the month. “Yesterday we went to a food bank.”

To make ends meet, Goytia said he sometimes participates in clinical trials and sells his blood plasma. He has been asking his managers for full-time employment for a year and a half. Instead, he said, they hire temporary workers, who can be fired at any time.

Reform Capitalism ,you might as well try reforming an Adder,and you all know the best way to deal with an Adder ,right?


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