This was gleaned from RT ; ” The Global Times editorial suggests that “there is no need to talk about ‘sincerity’ in terms of Sino-British relations” and it is time for the Cameron administration to acknowledge that the UK is no longer a major power in the eyes of the Chinese. “It is just an old European country apt for travel and study. This has gradually become the habitual thought of the Chinese people.” ” The Global Times referred to is China’s  biggest official English language newspaper. To extrapolate from that,that it’s ” Game Over ! ” for the likes of EU Satrapies such as Yu-Kay ,might be a tad premature but nevertheless it conveys an all too foreboding chill. The Ruling Elites and the so-called ” Political Class ” in obsolescent ,failing nation-state entities like the formerly ” Great ” Britain ,have , in truth ,long since abandoned any vestigial link to indigenous,historically determined socio-economic and cultural norms and relationships.They are cosmopolitan sojourners in a cocooned metropolitan enclave ,parasites sans patriotism. And History has called ” Time ! ” on them.The voice of that coming Historical course correction is being articulated in cadences predominantly,unmistakably ,Chinese ,Russian and Indian . The meek subservience with which the degenerate ,plutocratic,self-absorbed elites of the British Isles so cynically and precipitously abandoned the free and Sovereign peoples of what was the United Kingdom,given a centuries long Historical perspective,simply beggars belief. Deposits of Hyena dung such as Cameron and all his immediate parliamentiary antecedents in Whitehall and Westminster are in need of swift evisceration,them and all their canker-ridden institutions,shibboleths and crapulent,de-christianised ,Usury/Capitalist structures. Sufficient unto the day the evil thereof. The day of the Usurer-capitalist is finally over.


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