The trouble with empires is that they just want to keep on expanding.A similar deleterious psychological problem afflicts military adventures , known as ” mission creep ” ,when for instance having declared the removal of the Taliban regime its sole purpose,NATO’s ideologues began terraforming a neo-liberal,pseudo-western satrapy onto the cadaver of Afghanistan. Back to empires ;the European Union is  a highly dysfunctional,bombastic byzantinely bureaucratic monstrosity that enshrines the very essence of what it means for something to be Kafka-esque. And yet with its titles and grandiose Kommissariats,vainglorious architecture  and voracious appetite for planning and meddling and psychotic institutionalised self-delusion  ,the EU stands perpetually on the cusp of self-parody,a manic buffoon of a Petomaine raring to strut and fret his hour upon the stage. That ideologically errent and eviscerated ,pseudo-intellectual tabloid, ” The Guardian ” ,reports ( part gleaned ) on Friday 6 December on the contrived imbroglio unwinding itself on the streets of Kiev.Concluding thus:-

The crisis has exposed a gulf between Ukrainians, many from the west of the country, who hope to move rapidly into the European mainstream, and those mainly from the east who look to the former Soviet master Moscow as a guarantor of stability.

President Viktor Yanukovich had long promised to integrate with Europe while still maintaining friendly ties with Russia. His opponents, and some former supporters, considered his sudden eastward lurch a betrayal.

It has also reignited Cold War-era antagonism between Russia and western Europe, even as foreign ministers gathered in Ukraine for a meeting of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a body that includes both Nato members and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

European foreign ministers used their visits to Kiev to show open solidarity with the demonstrators, beginning with Germany‘s Guido Westerwelle who trekked to the square to meet opposition leaders on Wednesday. He was followed by others on Thursday.

Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, on the sidelines of the OSCE meeting, countered by accusing the Europeans of “hysteria”.

Tension could rise even further on Friday with new court proceedings against jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko. Brussels considers her a political prisoner and had campaigned in vain for her release before Kiev broke off negotiations.

Azarov spoke sharply to Westerwelle on Thursday about the opposition, which includes far-right nationalist groups as well as pro-European liberals.

“Nazis, extremists and criminals cannot be, in any way, our partners in ‘Eurointegration’,” the government website quoted Azarov as telling the German foreign minister.

Westerwelle expressed concern about police behaviour at the weekend’s protests, when dozens of people were severely beaten.

“Recent events, in particular the violence against peaceful demonstrators last Saturday in Kiev worry me greatly,” said Westerwelle. “The way Ukraine responds to the pro-European rallies is a yardstick for how seriously Ukraine takes the shared values of the OSCE.”

The Westerwelle , wannabe latter day Ribbentropp and ineffably Kraut-faced Reichs Ausenminister ,is a member of the FDP,a party no longer represented in the Bundestag,and thus in Office as temporary sojourner awaiting the deal to be done for  a Grand Coalition in Berlin to enforce the ongoing Teutonically inspired and directed EU-wide strategy of mass pauperisation aka austerity,even further.

Quite why otherwise rational,apparently educated and informed citizens of The Ukraine wish to be subjects of a  new eastern province of Greater Germany ,has more to do with their innate hatred and rejectionof all things Rus than with any love of Hitler’s legacy.


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