And So It Goes…#424

The disarray amongst the ailing Western Usurer-Capitalist Satrapies mounts up daily. National economies sink ever deeper into catastrophic decline , millions are being added to unemployment lines ,welfare systems are faltering alarmingly whilst demand on their services -housing,hospitals and schools ,largely boosted by inner-EU economic migration i.e. the cross-border,unregulated transfer of the jobless, bringing with it additional chaos to an already massively malfunctioning,social democratic liberal triage operation known as the welfare state. So,things really are looking up for Revolutionary Change all across the world. The chorus of Schadenfreude is never better defined than by the recent anti-Syrian summit conference where the US and its NATO lackeys expressed yet more public dismay at the intractable turmoil of trying to forge an effective opposition to the blood thirsty murdering dictatorial regime currently still in power. NATO’s bomb ‘n’ conquer blitzkriegs against  Yugoslavia,Afghanistan,Iraq and Libya are of no use to dolts such as Foreign Secretary Hague and his Washington Puppet Masters. Financing and supplying Al Qaeda was a spectacular own-goal.Well merited. Enjoy the hurt ,more is coming.


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