And So It Goes…#440

And so it comes to pass. The US and its deluded NATO / EU satrapies are now inextricably caught up in a vortex largely of their own making. Financing ,and fomenting anti-governemnt conspiracies is a serious business and having got away with it for far too long,the idiots at the State department/Pentagon/White House became infected with what the Japanese Militarists in the 1930’s and 40’s  warned against, “Victory disease”. A few short months ago ,official endorsement of their imperialistic adventurism in Syria failed to materialise and its been downhill since then. The Ukraine was always going to be a monumentally ill-judged act of political hubris for the West. Herewith gleaned from the Daily We’ve kicked the Hornets’ nest Mail ;

Preparing for war: Putin puts 150,000 troops on standby as Muslim supporters of Ukraine’s new government clash with pro-Russian group in Crimea

  • 150,000 troops are on high alert with 880 tanks, 90 aircraft and 80 ships
  • It comes as anti- and pro-Russian protesters clashed in Crimea, Ukraine
  • Yet Russia, whose Naval fleet is near Crimea, denied there was any link
  • Former Ukrainian minister Arseny Yatseniuk named tonight as new leader
  • The nation’s new government will be more pro-Western and anti-Russian


PUBLISHED: 09:35, 26 February 2014 | UPDATED: 01:24, 27 February 2014


You don’t need to know all about the Treaty and Union of 1654 ,nor anything about the USSR’s adminstrative decision in 1954 to allocate Crimea to the Ukraine S.S.R. from the Russian part. Only know this,it seems quite remarkable ,that of all the so-called waning powers “celebrating” the 100th.anniversary of their Great War,it’s Germany’s looming presence that lends this latest western inspired farrago in the Ukraine that essential ambience of Schadenfreude.


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