And So It Goes…#443

I don’t get it. The US has 900 military bases in 153 countries.Its servile lackeys and boot-polishers in NATO kow-tow with reverence and fear whenever the White House articulates , a la Tourettes Syndrome, its idiosyncratic views on the state of the World and what other supposedly independent sovereign nation-states get up. Very few individuals of note or public standing in the West;men such as Ron Paul for example, take up the intellectual and philosophical cudgels on behalf of all those other nation states who are not a vassal of the US. History will exonerate those men. No-one needs 900 bases in 153 countries. No nation state needs perpetual Economic,financial and military hegemony over everybody else for ever. For the White House in this present situation largely of its making, to send warships toward the coast of Southern Russia and order warplanes to its Baltic satrapies on Russia’s border is folie-de-grandeur. Wake up and smell the fuses burning.


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