And So It Goes…#446

What ? Obama still hasn’t resorted to all out thermo-nuclear war on Russia ? good,that just leaves me time to post about the following fairly insignificant event…

*** HUNGERSTRIKE PROTEST AGAINST ZERO-HOURS CONTRACTS & UNEMPLOYMENT *** DAYS 13 – 14 – 15. ( Update, Saturday 15 March 10.40 GMT)…The very looooong wekend. Today Sat. is actually my thirteenth day a perfectly ordinary hungerstrike kind of a day.And once I’m into Monday,well that’s DAY 15 and so it goes. I’ve connected with a few more new friends here on fb and am planning the next mini-phase to roll out on social media. I fully expect more of the media to contact me from Monday onwards. VENCEREMOS !! #hungerstrike


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